Pyrography (from Greek: “pyr” = fire, “graphie” = the art of writing / describing) is a traditional technique dedicated to decorating wood and other materials with traces of burns, i.e. burning with a special apparatus.

Pyrograph has a long history. Even the ancient Egyptians and some African tribes dedicated themselves to “fiery
craftsmanship.” Simple means were used to decorate natural objects made of wood or leather using the technique of baking/burning. Today it is most represented in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Italy.


With the above technique of artistic drawing and writing on wood, we create your original, unique and unique gift to business partners, clients, employees, loved ones for various occasions and purposes.

Be a different, unique and special gifting truly striking gift handmade just for you. Painting, wall clock with painting, advertising boards, joke boards, wooden pendants, magnets, everything according to your wishes, needs and quantities.


It is enough just to send to our e-mail address exactly what you want us to draw, write, quantity as well as approximate size (PORTRAITS EXCLUDED). Upon receipt of the orde
r, we send a quote/calculation with the amount of the product + the cost of postage, as well as the deadline for production and delivery.

After the payment received on you submitted offer, the production of ordered products begins.

For any additional information about the products we offer, please contact us with confidence 🙂